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Uberlube Silicone Based Lubricant Bottles

The highest quality personal lubricant ever created. Because of its perfect composition of 4 safe ingredients, Uberlube is versatile. Meaning you can use it anywhere on or in the body. Use it vaginally, anally, for athletic purposes and even as an anti frizz hair product.

We’ll even let you in on a little secret, this silicone lube is safe to pair with platinum cured silicone sex toys! Just be sure to wash your sex toy thoroughly after use. It's not messy, sticky, tacky and won’t dry out fast like others may.

When in motion, it stays in motion which eliminates the need to reapply often. And if swallowed during oral play, it’ll pass right through your body like food and water do. Try it yourself and see!

Shipping & Returns
Select products are available for return on a case by case basis. If you feel the product you received is damaged or faulty, please reach out to our support team and someone will be able to assist you. For sanitary and health reasons, we do not allow returns or exchanges of any non-defective items. For more information, please visit our Return Policy page.
Product Care
Store in a cool & dry place.