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Product Info

The brands we carry are mainly made in China, Germany, Spain and United States.

Yes, it is a sex toy! Cock rings are great for beginners and can get more advanced, versatile and fun. There are benefits for both partners. It has been proven to help erections last longer and make orgasms more intense. In the vagina, it can also feel like added stimulation depending on where the C-Ring is worn on the penis, dildo or vibrator.

The Rabbit is highly sought after, thanks to its famous Sex and the City debut. Aside from its popularity, the quality and toxicity of the product is questionable. Lucky for us, there's some great companies who have re-mastered the rabbit. Lioness, for example helps you track your orgasms, which is the coolest way to learn more about your body! A great benefit of the rabbit is its single motor dual action - meaning it delivers both clitoral vibration and g-spot stimulation. So ask yourself if dual action is what you're after, if clitoral only vibration would better suit your needs, or would vaginal vibrations be even more fascinating? Then try out whatever tickles your fancy!

If you're experiencing even the mildest form of irritation caused by lube, we suggest immediately switching to another. Intimate Earth's Hydra Lube, is the safest and most natural water-based lube we've found on the market, to date. It's all natural, plant derived, void of additives. Uberlube is also one our favorites silicone-based lubes.

We haven't come across vibrating panties made of safe materials yet; we've also learned vibrating panties should only be used once and tossed. As a better alternative, we think wearable toys are the way to go! The We-Vibe Moxie wearable sex toy is discreet enough to have under clothes, comes with a remote control, and can be used via an app your partner.

It's important to make educated purchases! Generally, items marketed as massagers are vibrators. Thanks to a sense of taboo, and seemingly outdated marketing practices (which continue to this day) vibrators continue to be advertised as massagers.

We've got plenty of options for men that don't focus on the anus. C-rings, male masturbators from Fun Factory are all fun options. Couples toys from We-Vibe and Lelo like can be used as masturbators - which can also be used vaginally during intercourse, providing vibrations to the penis.

It's true, not all lube is safe for all types of toys. Silicone lube can be used with a silicone toy ONLY if it's a platinum cured silicone. Luckily most toys we sell are! If you're unsure what your toy is made of, water-based lube is the way to go. Just keep in mind, water's more absorbent in the body than silicone is, so look out for toxic ingredients like Fragrance, Phalates, Glycerin.

Nope! It's just a marketing scheme! Fun right? Any toy can be used solo or with a partner. For example, vibrators can be used on penises and vaginas! The fun part is using your imagination and exploring HOW with your partner.

Wood, glass, silicone, ABS plastic, stainless steel are all great options when it comes to toys! Don't feel limited.

A dildo with great suction or one that's longer will totally work. Based on our research, Blush Novelties' dildos are one of the best, hands down!

Most compact sex toys, especially clit stimulators are quiet; it's the wand vibrators that can generally get noisy. We know for a fact the Womanizer, We-Vibe and B-Vibe lines have low noise levels.

Let us know what you're interested in exploring and we can help select a great product for your budget. Anal? Vaginal? Penis? Maybe some nipple stimulation? We've got a ton of affordable options, so let's first help you figure out which parts you want to explore!

You're welcome to email us at and we'll help you better navigate your preferences with budget.

Good quality batteries are just as important as good quality toys! The best way to maintain that quality and longevity is to remove the battery after each use - to prevent it from leaking, making it safer for you to use while helping your toy last longer!

Yes! It doesn't have to be thorough, just as long as you get a sense of the material its made of, how to clean it and how to maintain a longer life for it. Knowing the settings of an electrical toy will help you get better use of it. We personally geek out and learn as much as we can about each toy, then use our imagination for all the different ways we can use the product to keep things exciting.

A great non-insertable vibrator we absolutely LOVE is the We-Vibe Touch! It has 8 vibration modes and starts off with low intensity to high in the first 4 settings. There's many patterns to try out until you ultimately discover your favorite and assist your orgasms.

Health & Wellness

Mind and body correlation is really important in understanding orgasms better. Where are you mentally when masturbating or during intercourse? Are you judging and stressing yourself which could put a constraint on your ability to orgasm quicker? We're human and we have an expectancy to come, but when it feels like 'work' the process becomes less enjoyable. Headspace is just as important as lube here.

Most sex toys are made from unsafe compounds that degrade over the period of their life from use, exposure to heat or other reasons. It's the breakdown of the materials that makes it unsafe. It's important to consider how absorbent genitals are. When these materials break down in our vaginal, penile or anal glands (skin is important too) they may be absorbed into our bloodstream and cause problems.

Dildos come in a variety of sizes, but 5 - 7" are standard. We wouldn't recommend going too much larger than what you're used to. Another option would be trying a Dilator set, which can help you better understand your body's capability to stretch. We of course, suggest starting off small and working your way up to your desired size.

This all depends on the material of the toy. Generally, most toys can be cleaned with warm water and mild soap. Although special cleaners do exist, we find antibacterial soap and warm water do the best job. There's other methods too, such as boiling the toy in water, but of course this depends on the material of the product. Not all silicone toys can be boiled, but stainless steel and glass can. Also, remember that no mechanical or electronic parts can go in boiling water or hot surfaces. 

Something made of jelly, TPR/TPE is the hardest to clean due to its sticky material and porous nature. Furthermore, we don't recommend the use of toys made from these materials.

Best practice to keep in mind is cleaning products after each use and storing them away properly (in a pouch or drawer).

Sex toys can cause injury when used improperly. Anal toys for example, can be problematic if the product doesn't have a base, or if there isn't enough lube being used. Going slow and learning how to use the product on/in/around your body is a great starting point, and highly recommended.

Communication is key! We suggest having this conversation outside the bedroom, without judgment or making your partner feel uncomfortable, try to understand why sex toys intimidate them. It could be a multitude of things, like sexual trauma or just fear that they'll be replaced with a toy.

This ultimately comes down to personal preference. We recommend working your way up to a fuller feeling sensation, starting with masturbation (finger and/or hands) to discover what your body likes, then moving onto small vibrators or plugs for the clit or anus and eventually working your way up to a dildo for that desired sensation whenever you're ready. This way you're in total control of your pleasure.

Company Info

We discovered how toxic most toys being sold on the market were and are left baffled that most companies aren't discussing or educating the consumer about any of this. That's how our mission to passionately educate everyone was born! We've taken the time to research, find experts to educate and understand the industry for better hopes of helping individuals interested in sexual wellness.