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Elevan Prostate Massager

A heavy-duty toy to expand your mind and body. Dual-sided with 2-inch diameter end with thick shaft tapering down from the corona. Toy curves into a smaller end with a stimulating ribbed shaft. Length, weight, and size are massive and designed for players comfortable with three-finger width inside their bodies. It can be used as a prostate massager or as a dildo. It can also be shared with partners -- body safe stainless steel, hand-polished, waterproof.

  • Njoy Eleven length: 11 in
  • Dual heads range in size from 1.75 in to 2 in diameter
  • Weight comes in at 2.75 pounds
  • Made from polished stainless steel
  • Can be warmed or chilled before use
  • Package includes: Njoy Eleven, satin lining storage box
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Product Care
This product should be cleaned before and after each use with mild anti-bacterial hand soap and lukewarm water.