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Sexual Health Guide for Safe and Fun Intimacy

September 19, 2022 6 min read

Image of a banana with Safe Sex written on it with a split grey and pink background.


September is Sexual Health Month


September signifies the start of fall—the leaves turning, the weather getting colder, and the sun setting earlier. But September also indicates something else—National Sexual Health Awareness Month.

In honor of this month, we’ve put together a list of things you can do to have safe and fun sex. Keep reading to learn more.

Engage in Safe Sex…

Cleaning your sex toy is a prerequisite to safe sex. It’ll help avoid STDs, yeast infections, imbalanced PH levels for vagina owners, HIV and so much more.

Always be sure to clean your sex toy before you first use it AND after each use.

Almost all sex toys can be washed by hand with hot or warm running water. The exceptions are Magic Wand-like and mechanical toys with an attached cord.

Remotes that are included with the main toy for partner play, are to be cleaned with a damp cloth or sanitizing wipe.

When washing, you want to avoid scented soap at all costs. This can lead to yeast infections.

Feel free to use an antibacterial, mild, unscented soap, and be sure that no residue from the soap is left behind, on your product.

Or use great toy cleaners like Intimate Earth Foam toy cleaner or Wicked’s Foam n’ Fresh Toy Cleaner. Cleaners ensure your product will last even longer.

Products that are high-quality medical-grade silicone,without mechanical parts, are welcomed to be boiled.

This can be done every so often for extra sterilization. Like when switching between partners to avoid possible transfer of body fluids. Condoms over sex toys can ensure extra safety here also. 

Use filtered water (to avoid calcium build-up) in a pot large enough to fit your toy/s and then drop it in when the water has reached its boiling point.

Leave your product in for 3-5 minutes. 

Do not extend your time by 3 minutes when boiling silicone products. Remove with tongs and place on a clean towel to air dry. 

If your toy has mechanical parts, keep them out and away. Water and the high heat will ensure your toy's failure to work in the future. 

Use a lint-free cloth to pat it dry or let it sit on the counter and allow it to dry naturally. 

Do not toss your toy in its storage case or drawer without ensuring that it's completely dry first. Bacteria love to grow in dark places. 



Get Checked Regularly

Most people have the option to get both STD and HIV tests done during their annual appointments with a primary practitioner or an ob-gyn. These tests are generally free, and you can get your results back within days. 

If your doctor doesn’t mention testing, you can always ask them directly. You do not have to limit your STD and HIV checks to once a year. Most cities have free testing sites that you can visit at any time. Use a confidential testing site locator to find a facility in your area. 

Aside from STD and HIV testing, appointments with a trusted health professional can help you manage other sexual health concerns like erectile dysfunction (ED) or pain during sex. 

Through a consultation, you can work with an expert to determine the best course of action. For example, they may prescribe you an ED medication to manage erectile dysfunction or a drug like Ospemifene to help relieve pain during sex. Sexual dysfunctions don’t typically cure themselves, so your best course of action is to treat them with the help of a physician. 

Take a Trip to the Bathroom

After sex, women should take a trip to the bathroom. Peeing afterward can help to decrease the chances of getting a urinary tract infection (UTI). UTIs in adults can be particularly unpleasant and cause pain in your lower abdomen, frequent urination, and a burning sensation when peeing.

Avoid this by reliving yourself after sexual intercourse. Failing to do so can increase your chances of getting a UTI by allowing bacteria to enter your urethra. This bacteria can travel to your bladder and even your kidneys.

Men can get UTIs, but it’s not as common. UTIs in men are typically a result of an enlarged prostate that occurs with older age. The symptoms are usually the same with the addition of potentially seeing blood in the pee.

But Remember to Keep Things Fun! 

Use a Vibrator… But Let Your Partner Control It

Vibrators aren’t new, and they’re popular amongst single people and couples for a reason. According to IU research,approximately 53 percent of women and 45 percent of men ages 18 to 60 use a vibrator. 

So if you’d like to keep things fun in the bedroom and you’ve never tried using a vibrator before, maybe now is the time. Instead of trying a regular vibrator, spice things up and use a remote-controlled one. The Moxie Wearable Panty Vibrator-the panty vibrator can allow your partner to control the vibration speed and strength of the toy. Not only that, but it’s discrete enough for you to use outdoors if you choose.

The Chorus Couples Toy is another good option, as you can connect the toy to the We-Connect app allowing you and your partner to control it wherever you are.

Try a New Toy Up Your Backside

Prostate owners (men) have the option to have multiple orgasms just as women do. You can achieve stronger orgasms as well as multiple O’s by simply using your fingers or the use of butt plugs. 

Plugs designed for prostate stimulation have a slight curve and are at least two inches insertable length from the anal cavity. 

Our best seller and fan favorite is the Pure Plug by nJoy. Insert the plug with plenty of lube and let it rest against your prostate. You’ll learn to separate orgasms from ejaculation. 

Stimulate your shaft, you can use the Manta by Fun Factory instead of just your hand, you’ll begin to feel jolts of pleasure. Your body will feel like it's spazzing which is a great indicator of male orgasm.  

Play a Sexy Game

What better way to add fun to your sex life than by playing a game? Just about any simple game can turn into the spicy variety. Twister and Jenga are just two of the countless games you can easily alter. 

For both of these games, add a “strip” twist to it. Whenever someone loses in Twister or drops a piece in Jenga, they take off an article of clothing. It’s a simple yet fun way to try something out of your norm.

Aside from turning simple games into naughty ones, there are some games that are specially for foreplay. Oral dice, Sexopoly, and sex cards are some of them. 

Playing sex games can help bring something new to your sex life by heightening suspense and adding a bit of a challenge to the experience, making it more fun and exciting. 

Give in to Your Fantasies

Have open, honest conversations outside of the bedroom and share your deepest desires with one another. It may seem difficult to do so at times because of fear of judgment but here are some ways to avoid that fear. 

Mention your curiosity by asking your partner how much they may know about your fantasy and what their thoughts are first.

Ask questions like: 

  • “I’ve read a bit about ______ online and was wondering if you’re interested in the topic?”
  • “There was an article about ______ I saw and was wondering if you’d like me to share the information I learned regarding ______?” 
  • “I’m curious, have you ever thought about. . . or are you curious about. . . ?”
  • “Have you ever tried ______ before?”

The point is toget curious about their desire of wanting it also. And then mention your interest. 

If they say no, ask what about it doesn’t make them comfortable?

Oftentimes when asked the right questions, social stigmas may be holding them back or maybe they’ve experienced it before and didn’t like it. 

Don’t pressure them to give you the answers. Give them space and time to think about it. 

Ask them if they’re willing to discuss it again at “said time and date.”

And if it's aHARD NO. Please don’t push it further. It’ll cause more harm to your relationship than good. 

After all, there are other sexual experiences to explore.

If they say yes, get curious about how much they know. 

Ask, “what about it intrigues you” and “what about _____ they may want to try?” 

Present them with knowledge and share your fantasies. 

The more someone knows about trying a new thing andthe benefit they get from it (stronger orgasms, new sensations), the more they’re going to want to explore it with you. 

Be sure to make it about their interest, their desire. And then include yours. 

Sex Health is…

Overall, sexual health does encompass prevention of infections, cleanliness, conversations, and variety’s of sexual exploration. 

Keep yourselves stimulated and keep learning about the best sexual health practices for the longevity of your sexual health.


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