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Prostatitis & How Sex Toys Can Help

July 16, 2021 7 min read

Prostatitis & How Sex Toys Can Help

Not to state the obvious, but sex feels good. What is not so obvious is how important sex is to an adult’s overall health. Unfortunately, many different ailments can affect the reproductive system and cause unwelcome sensations.

One such condition is known as prostatitis, and it affects an integral organ of the male anatomy, the prostate. If it happens, not only can it be painful, but having the condition may lead to issues in the bedroom.

Now, before we get to the nitty-gritty, let’s get something straight: This article cannot diagnose, treat, or cure any illness or condition, and we would never suggest any activity that may cause harm. But when it comes to sexual health: it is worth it, when you work it.

What is Prostatitis?

Prostatitis is a medical condition that affects the prostate. The Mayo Clinic describes some of the symptoms as:

  • Painful urination
  • Urgent need to urinate
  • Abdominal pain
  • Discomfort around the genitals
  • Pain during ejaculation
  • Cloudy or bloody urine

According to the Mayo Clinic website; the symptoms depend on the cause of Prostatitis, and the most common reasons are bacterial infections. It can be acute or chronic and should always be monitored by a doctor.

The Prostate and Its Connection to Sex

The Prostate is a walnut-sized gland that creates and secretes seminal fluid. During ejaculation, the prostates muscles contract and the gland releases protective fluid into the urethra to help the sperm swim to their final destination.

The prostate is not only an essential part of the reproductive system, but it is a powerful erogenous zone and can lead to incredible sensations when stimulated.

The Prostate is located between the bladder and the walls of the rectum and pressure from either end can stimulate the prostate and increase arousal. Many men enjoy the sensation of a prostate massage through the rectum, which can have therapeutic benefits and can result in a powerful orgasm.



Consult the Experts

A medical doctor is the absolute best professional to diagnose, treat and prevent Prostatitis, and anyone experiencing these symptoms should seek medical attention immediately.

The priority of sexual health is health itself, and this article should reflect that when it comes to having sex: it should be safe, comfortable and mutually passionate.

Find a Specialist

Many qualified experts are available to help coach singles and couples on how to enjoy sex when dealing with a medical condition. Click here to learn more about sex-positive doctors and therapists who can help with any specific issue.

Who Can You Call?

When it comes to the ‘family jewels’ you are probably going to want to consult the best expert available. Here is a list of trained professionals who can help anyone improve sexual health and give advice on specific issues with intimacy:

  • Sex Therapist - These specialists can help identify and treat many different issues regarding sexual behavior and wellness. The goal is always to find the healthiest balance and have a more rewarding and gratifying experience for both singles and couples.
  • A Proctologist or a Gastroenterologist - While these two kinds of doctors specialize in a vital part of our daily routine, they can be very different depending on the problem. Because the prostate is so close to the rectal wall, a proctologist can assess the likelihood of injury during anal play. Likewise, a Gastroenterologist can ensure there is no risk of the infection spreading. Both are qualified to diagnose prostatitis.
  • Urologist - Urologists are experts in more than just the bladder, their knowledge includes all the organs in the pelvic region, including the reproductive system. A Urologist can not only diagnose and treat prostatitis, but they can help with erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease, and issues with the testicles.
  • General Practitioner or Primary Care Physician - Doctors who regularly perform checkups and treating infections or other joint issues. The doctor you see most often is a great professional to visit as soon as something seems off. Your regular doctor can examine the prostate and diagnose prostatitis. They may even recommend one of the experts listed above to ensure the best possible outcome.

Can a Toy Help or Hurt?

There is no simple answer to whether or not a toy is safe to use with Prostatitis, and it may not be worth the risk. However, for many men, anal play is a part of their sexuality. The bottom line with using any toy during sex is to be safe and aware.

But there is some good news: prostatic massages have been known to help ease the pain associated with Prostatitis by gently releasing built up fluid.

The Safe Sex Sidewalk

It is possible to keep the passion alive and still be safe while getting risque. Couples and singles should be open about what hurts and what feels right, just think of it as another type of dirty talk, especially when it comes to talking about what feels good.

The other thing to consider is that getting all the facts is very important to know what all is going on down there. Your doctor may have insights into the severity and additional complications that one might need to consider. Also a medical professional may have some ideas for how to avoid injury or making the condition worse, which could end up putting sex on the bench.

The Prostate connects to ejaculation, so the final throes could end up being inappropriately uncomfortable.

Lube is Your Friend

There are so many wonderful lubricants out there for anal play, where to begin?

  • Sliquid Naturals H20 - This super gentle water-based lube is perfect for all kinds of play. It mimics the body's natural emulsion and uses a unique vegan formula to make a clean, smooth, and natural glide.
  • Intimate Earth Hydra Natural Glide - Free of paraben, glycerin, fragrances or flavors, this silky lube is a great choice. Its squeaky-clean formula is safe for use during sex and anal play.
  • Sliquid Sassy Booty Naturals - The smooth water-based formula is not only safe for every type of play, but it is also safe to use with all toys. This lube is also beneficial for long lasting butt plug wear by apply extra lubricant every 30 minutes or so or as needed when feeling discomfort.

Level Up

When it comes to safe play, start small and build up to find what is comfortable. With some gentle lube handy, start with one finger (yours or a volunteer) and explore how a little pressure feels, then move up to two digits. If that feels good, then a plug can come in next.

The Njoy Pure Plug comes in three convenient sizes, starting with a 1” width headed plug. All of the NJoy Pure Plugs are forged from 316-grade stainless steel, which is not only sturdy but is temperature reactive and can be warmed or cooled. A slightly cooled plug could feel amazing gently pressed against an inflamed prostate, and the Pure Plug is specially designed to apply as much or as little pressure desired with a graspable base for easy control.

Another Njoy toy made for prostate appreciation is the Njoy Fun Wand Prostate Massager. Also made from highly polished stainless steel the wand is specially crafted with complementary ends for double the pleasure. One end has graduating bulbs starting with .75” head width to a solid 1” bulb. The eight-inch toy can be warmed or cooled and is a marvelous addition to any sexual routine.

Stimulate both the prostate and perineum with the Aneros Eupho Syn Prostate Massager. A revolutionary plug from the expert design team at Aneros, with countless hours of dedicated research, put into every inch of the shape of the toy. Developed to work in tandem with the movements of the body, this plug is has a slender neck and specially crafted base to massage both the perineum between the anus and the testicles and put delicate pressure on the prostate.

Good Vibrations

Gentle rumblings can be massively exciting in the heat of the moment, too. Vibrators vary in size, shape, and features, but they all have that one amazing fact in common: they all stimulate with titillating vibrations.

The b-Vibe Vibrating Snug Plug has a simple and compact (or full) design with a helpful point at the top that makes reaching the prostate a breeze. The slender smooth and flexible neck is designed to glide effortlessly into the anus, and the top hat applies intensely pinpointed vibrations directly to the prostate, or to the G-spot when used with a lady friend. Plus it is splashproof.

Find the right tool for the job with the b-Vibe Anal Training Set. With a variety of plugs to train with, the b-Vibe plugs are a great way push the boundaries and expand your senses. This set offers 3 graduating sizes, 1 of which has a vibrating motor to enhance the training and experience. Along with the set you'll get an enema bulb for quick cleanse of the rectum and anal canal. You'll also get a body-safe lube applicator which make the spreading process of the lubricant within the anus simple and clean - learn more from the included beginners guide!

Stay Safe, Stay Sexy

As one might imagine, a condition like Prostatitis can be uncomfortable and might put a damper on sexual activity. Since the area is already sensitive, applying pressure to a swollen and inflamed prostate could be incredibly unpleasant.

If any condition is causing pain during sexual activity, then there should be a frank and honest discussion about it between partners. Most partners will be sympathetic and may be willing to try some different approaches to intimacy to help keep the passion up and the pain down.

Couples can incorporate many other fun activities while the prostate heals.

Explore Other Regions of the Body

It is a good thing that the human body is interconnected and has a wealth of erogenous zones from head to toes. Try titillating some of the other sensitive areas of the body like the nipples, the mouth, earlobes, and let's not forget the bodies biggest sexual organ, the brain.

Have You Tried a Massage Oil Candle?

A sensual massage is a wonderful way to show intimate affection, especially lit by candlelight. Set the mood just right with a special candle made with all natural oils and waxes that melt into a smooth and silky oil perfect for a luxurious massage.

Work With It

Prostatitis is commonly cleared up with antibiotics depending on the type of bacterial infection. According to the Urology Care Foundation website, doctors may use other methods to help with the pain associated with Prostatitis, including alpha-blockers and anti-inflammatory medications. Warm baths are also recommended to help ease the pain, so draw a romantic bubble bath for two and enjoy the relaxing water together. 

Rarely Prostatitis will require more significant medical intervention to heal. In those few cases, the surgeon will be happy to advise a timeline for returning to regular sexual activity.

This too shall pass, but the best way to promote health is to practice self-love. Eat-well, get lots of rest and don’t skimp on even simple pleasures.


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