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  • Pompoir: The Practice That Makes Her Cum Harder Than Ever

    June 13, 2023 10 min read

    Image showing the different techniques of Pompoir including squeezing, milking, locking, sucking and twisting

    Guest post by  Goh!ddess

    We’ve all heard it:

    Most women cannot orgasm from penetration alone.

    And as a man, you’ve likely experienced this from your partner. Sometimes even if she hasn’t straight-up told you. 

    That’s why you befriended her clitoris. You rub it, you caress it, you go to town on it and it drives her crazy.

    And it’s incredible. You’re a big fan of her clit. But secretly, sometimes, you wish she would get as much pleasure from penetration, too.

    Perhaps you even fear that when you’re inside of her, she’s just going through the motions because she knows it’s what you enjoy the most.

    Man, do we have good news for you if that’s the case.

    There’s actually an ancient sex practice that’s scientifically proven to boost her orgasms, her penetration pleasure, and – thank you, Jesus – even her libido.

    It’s called Pompoir.


    What is Pompoir

    Pompoir is the practice of training the female pelvic floor to create different pleasurable sensations during sex. 

    Women who master Pompoir can squeeze, milk, lock, pulse, and even twist a penis - using only their vaginas.

    You read that right.

    Imagine having your girl milk you with her pussy while you´re inside of her. Or better yet, use a wringing motion - a more advanced technique of the practice - on your cock.

    That’s how the practice is thought to have begun: as an elite technique performed by high-class courtesans, sometimes associated with sacred prostitution, to provide great pleasure to kings and other members of nobility.

    Talk about divine femininity.

    Some famous women from history that are believed to have mastered Pompoir include Cleopatra, Diane de Poitiers, and Wallis Simpson, the woman for whom King Edward VIII abdicated his throne.

    In recent years, though, research has found just how many benefits pelvic floor training has for the woman’s pleasure.

    And that’s what we want to focus on.

    Before we move forward, let’s break down some of the moves involved in this practice, which we’ll be referencing throughout this article.

    • Contractions: The most basic Pompoir move, and still very pleasurable. For you, this feels like she’s pulling your dick deeper inside of her.

    • Squeezes: If contractions involve the shortening of her vagina, squeezes involve making it feel tighter. Squeezing her walls around your shaft feels like she’s gripping you harder.

    • Pulses: This move happens at the base of her cervix, or at the head of your dick, and it involves heartbeat-like vibrations around your glans and frenulum.

    • Milking: The milking technique combines an “opening up” of the vagina as you enter her, and a “closing down” as you pull away. It feels as if she doesn’t want to let go of your dick when you’re thrusting out.
      Quick tip: look down while she’s doing this on all fours - there’s nothing greater than seeing your woman’s lips holding on to your cock as you pull out.

    • Whipping: Appropriately called the “vaginal handjob” - this exercise quite literally feels like she’s squeezing you from the base of the shaft to the head of your dick in a wave-like motion.

    • Tilting: Tilting involves independent movement from the left and right side of her vagina. Your girl is getting into serious olympic gymnast territory here, pushing your cock inside of her front and back, left and right. 

    • Twisting: One of the most complex moves to master. While the term “twisting” is not a literal 360 degree turn, this move feels like she’s rubbing around your shaft with her vagina. Kinda like when she twists her hand around it while doing a handjob, to make sure it covers all the angles.

    Okay - now that you’ve got an understanding of what this practice involves, let’s get to the most important part.

    The benefits of pompoir which include intensified penetraction, naturally boosts her libido, strengthens her orgasm, and guide you inside her.

    The 4 Ways Pompoir Makes her Cum Harder

    If you weren’t yet in awe of how incredible the female body is, you’re now aware that your girl’s vagina can do tricks.

    But before you ask her if she’d like to learn how to milk your dick, it’s a good idea to understand how amazing Pompoir is for her.

    There are four main ways pelvic floor muscle training (PFMT) positively affects female pleasure.


    1) It Strengthens her Orgasms


    As a woman starts to orgasm, a series of involuntary contractions happen across her pelvic floor.

    Here’s the thing: the stronger a woman’s pelvic floor muscles are, the stronger these contractions get, and the more intense her orgasms feel.

    Pompoir strengthens the pelvic floor through a series of structured exercises, such as contractions, squeezes, pulses, etc.

    Each exercise is designed with the same principles considered for building any exercise program, such as:

    • optimizing for mechanical tension
    • moving through a full range of motion
    • ensuring progressive overload by increasing time under tension, etc.

    The bottom line: Pompoir enhances the female orgasm by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles.


    2) It Intensifies Penetration


    The second major way Pompoir influences pleasure is by making penetration feel more intense.

    As a woman ages, her body will produce less collagen, which can lead to the weakening of the pelvic floor muscles. Other factors that contribute to this condition are childbirth, obesity, and health-related drops in estrogen.

    Why is this important? Because amongst other symptoms, a weak pelvic floor can lead to drops of sensation during penetration.

    By strengthening her pelvic floor muscles, those surrounding the vaginal canal, the vagina becomes narrower and feels “tighter”.

    And the tighter she feels, the bigger your penis will feel inside of her. That's an extremely hot physical sensation, and it's also incredibly erotic for her to think about while you're pounding her into the mattress

    But what if loss of sensation wasn’t the problem, and it was more related to arousal and pleasure?

    In this quantitative study (with Electromyography to measure muscle strength), training of the pelvic floor was found to significantly improve sexual function in women.

    Here are some of the questions that these women were asked in order to evaluate sexual function were:

    • How frequently do you feel sexual desire?
    • Do you feel pain during sexual intercourse?
    • Do you feel sexually excited (turned on) when having sexual activity with your partner?

    And yes - all of these markers improved for women after doing Pompoir-like exercises.


    3) It Boosts her Libido


    There are two main reasons why we believe pelvic floor training boosts the female libido: a physiological and a psychological one.

    Physiologically, when women are asked to exercise their pelvic floor for a few minutes a day, at least five days a week, their bodies become more effective at transporting blood to their genitals.

    This in turn helps with arousal, since it mimics what happens in the body when they’re turned on. For women, this can mean the swelling of the clitoris, hardening of the nipples, and vaginal lubrication.

    This is why it’s very common for Pompoir students to become aroused as they are training: their bodies are conditioned to associate these physical responses to sexual desire.

    And psychologically, Pompoir creates some powerful triggers, as well. During the practice, the student will be prompted to imagine that she’s practicing these skills as if her partner was inside of her.

    Whether it’s milking your dick or squeezing your fingers, the idea is that they focus on what it would feel to perform these exercises in a sexual context, to elicit a powerful mind-muscle connection response.

    So when you add up the fact that she’s thinking about sex multiple times per week at the same time as she’s triggering blood flow to her genitals, it’s no surprise that she’ll condition herself to get aroused more often.

    Pair this with the fact that now sex results in stronger orgasms for her (see point 1) and that she’s getting more pleasure out of penetration (see point 2) and you’ve got yourself one frisky lady.


    4) She Can Guide You Inside of Her


    This benefit is exclusive to Pompoir, and not other forms of pelvic floor training, such as basic kegels. This is because Pompoir encompasses over 27 unique movements a woman can perform with her vagina.

    This is by design - each move will feel different for both of you.

    Squeezing at the heart of the vaginal canal will make your shaft rub against her G-spot, while sucking the tip of your dick will stimulate the base of her cervix.

    Tilting you to each side will feel different for her than if she was milking you up and down.

    Apply this to every Pompoir skill and you’ve got an array of different sensations she can pick and choose to do in the midst of passion.

    And this is why Pompoir is so great for the woman: she can actively guide your pleasure and her own, even while letting you take control

    Each exercise is trained in the different angles and positions that you’ll then adopt in the bedroom, so you two get to experiment with what feels best, and how.

    She might love pulsing you fast if woman is on top. Or she might prefer whipping you slowly in the Spooning position. Figuring that out is the fun part.

    How to bring pompoir into conversation if she's not enjoying penetration, if she's been avoiding sex, if you want the spark back

    How to Bring Up the Conversation

    Okay, so now that you know how incredible this training can be for your woman, how do you actually bring it up in conversation?

    The topic of Pompoir can be a delicate one.

    After all, it’s your girl who has to put in the work of training her vagina to do it. And make no mistake - this practice will take 10 to 20 minutes of her day, especially if she wants to master complex moves like whipping and twisting.

    Additionally, it might seem at first glance like Pompoir is only designed for male pleasure.

    But, as we laid out above, male pleasure is only the tip of the iceberg. While many women first get introduced to Pompoir this way, the reason they stick with the practice is that it feels amazing for them.

    In fact, many students of our Pompoir course are in same-sex relationships, and sometimes, they’re not in relationships at all and are using Pompoir for self-pleasure, by combining the moves with vibrators or their own fingers.

    So the best way to bring up the topic of Pompoir is by addressing her pleasure, directly.

    First, find the right place and time for a chat. Choose an intimate space where you guys can have a gentle conversation about your sex life, like at dinner or during a walk.

    Avoid the bedroom at all costs - bringing up an interest in desire you may have before, during or after sex. The reason being in case your partner doesn't take the news about the desire well, you don't want those feelings to be shared in the bedroom where you share so much intimacy.

    Here are some common situations you might be facing and some good openers to get things moving:

    If she’s not enjoying penetration

    In this scenario, we’re assuming you have already spoken about this issue, and you’ve already asked her how you can help make penetration feel more enjoyable for her.

    But perhaps you’ve tried a few things, and she’s told you that penetration is simply not her favorite part of sex. Perhaps she’s never been able to orgasm from it, or perhaps she used to be able to, but not anymore.

    It might well be the case that she’s just not wired that way, but if she’d like to be able to orgasm from penetration, Pompoir training can be of great help.

    “You know, babe, I read about this thing called “Pompoir”. It’s a series of exercises you can do with your vagina that can help make penetration feel more intense and enjoyable for you. Would you be open to trying them?”

    If you feel like she’s avoiding sex lately

    Let’s be honest. At one point or another, for whatever reason, we all avoid sex.

    We go through  stressful times at work, we don’t feel super sexy, or we’re simply not in the mood.

    For some people, loss of libido occurs when we lose touch with our sense of selves. Routine, new responsibilities, not doing enough of the things that bring us joy - all of these situations contribute to feeling “out of touch” with ourselves.

    In this sense, Pompoir is a great tool for her to reconnect with her own body and sexuality. The practice has a huge mindfulness component to it, and students report feeling more connected with their innate femininity, feeling more present while performing the moves, and rediscovering this region of their bodies.

    “Babe, get this - I saw a video yesterday about something called Pompoir. It’s a practice where women use their vaginas to squeeze, milk, whip, twist... And apparently it’s very pleasurable for them. Women’s bodies are just insane.”

    If your sex life has gotten vanilla lately

    This is bound to happen in any long term relationship. There’s always going to be periods of great passion, followed by periods where things seem to cool down a bit.

    But when things have cooled down significantly for far too long, it’s natural to feel frustrated, longing for the days when you couldn’t keep your hands off each other.

    You’re happy with your partner - you’re just looking to get that ever-elusive spark back.

    Pompoir is great in this sense because it seems to be a very gentle “change” you can  introduce to the bedroom, that still has the potential to ignite the flame of passion and get you both back to that “new relationship” blissful state.

    “I read this article about something called Pompoir. Women can apparently control their vaginas to do all sorts of crazy things, like squeezing, milking, twisting. And it seems to be very pleasurable for them. Maybe I can get the course and we can give it a go, just for fun?”

    In Summary

    Notice how all of these conversation starters are centered around her pleasure. This is by design.

    Not only because that’s our main purpose, but because she’s gonna be doing all the work here, and the best motivation to keep up with something is to experience the benefits it has first-hand.

    “You know, babe, I read about this thing called “Pompoir”. It’s a series of exercises you can do with your vagina that can help make penetration feel more intense and enjoyable for you. Would you be open to trying them?”

    “Babe, get this - I saw a video yesterday about something called Pompoir. It’s a practice where women use their vaginas to squeeze, milk, whip, twist... And apparently it’s very pleasurable for them. Women’s bodies are just insane.”

    “I read this article about something called Pompoir. Women can apparently control their vaginas to do all sorts of crazy things, like squeezing, milking, twisting. And it seems to be very pleasurable for them. Maybe I can get the course and we can give it a go, just for fun?”

    The Gift of Stronger Orgasms

    For years, this practice was reserved for the elite, and its sole purpose was male pleasure.

    But lucky for us, times have changed and we can all enjoy better sex, a lot more often, and with stronger orgasms.

    Because you’ve read up to this point, we’ve got two gifts for you.

    The first is a 25% discount on The Oh!lympus Program - the step-by-step Pompoir course that explains every single exercise with extremely easy to understand animations and graphics. We also provide recommendations for couples on which moves pair well with which sex positions, based on our experience with hundreds of other students.

    If you’ve had the conversation, this is a phenomenal gift for your girl that you’ll both get to enjoy the hell out of.

    And, if you’re looking for a quick resource you can bring up in conversation with her, we have a free beginners guide. While it won’t explain all the moves, it will give her some tips to get started and see if it’s the right fit for her.

    We hope to have blown your mind a little today. Have a great night ;)