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  • 5 Tips for Beginners Buying Non-Toxic Sex Toys

    January 25, 2018 4 min read

    5 Tips for Beginners Buying Non-Toxic Sex Toys

    The struggle is real for a first time buyer of sex toys. A life-changing act for some.

    If you step inside an adult toy store and you do not know exactly what to look for (dildos, vibrators, stimulators and other paraphernalia) you’ll surely be intimidated and overwhelmed. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one to have that feeling.

    Once you’ve made a selection - buy it, take it home all stoked to open it up and begin using - did you also think there may be considerations of making sure your selection is safe to use? Let’s help you identify the ways to guarantee you’re getting premium body safe adult toys and products so that you can walk in and out of a sex toy shop, confident!

    Adult store employees may answer questions to the best of their knowledge, but how much of it will make sense to you? After checking the store items, you may find yourself asking more questions like:

    • Won’t that sex toy made of glass break inside my body? Is there a particular type of glass I’m supposed to look out for?
    • What does it mean when the package says, phthalate-free?
    • PVC, ABS, TPE, TPR, food-grade, platinum, medical-grade… I don’t understand.
    • An item made of 100% silicone and the other one says, “made of Sil-a-gel”. They’re the same, right?
    • Where can I go to gain more knowledge about sex toy safety?

    At first, you might have entered the shop thinking about girth, cost, and the pleasure a sex toy could bring. But now that we’ve brought up body-safe materials, you might find your mind scattered thinking about things you should ask a “pleasure specialist” in an adult store.

    In terms of body-safe, a lot of healthy sex toys probably do exist in that store you’re interested in visiting.

    Here are some helpful buying tips to get a sex toy that fits your needs and at the same time, made of completely body-safe materials.



    What Brings You To Climax?

    You may start by asking the question, what’s the best sex toy you’ve got?

    Considering other factors, it may not serve as the best thing to ask in the store. Everyone needs to remember that:

    “Different pokes and strokes for different folks.” That’s one golden rule in choosing the right sex toy.

    Some women need to give more attention to their clit to reach orgasm, faster, stronger or just to simply orgasm. Not everyone can get off and clitoral stimulators can sometimes help. So reach for a sex toy aimed to spark up your vulva. Instead of buying a vibrator or dildo which focuses more on internal stimulation, a clitoral stimulator serves as the correct purchase.

    Ask Questions

    A good adult sex toy store will offer the best help they can so their customers can find the perfect fit. Feel free to open up and discuss your sexual needs and fantasies so the store employees can easily help you determine the right toy for you.

    As for body safe products, when you read about unfamiliar materials in the label, be sure to ask away! This is also the perfect opportunity to extract info from the store staff about the safest sex toys on the shelves, the best-selling ones, and those items which received excellent customer feedback.

    Don’t Feel Ashamed

    Never feel ashamed for walking into an adult toy store. Grab a sex toy, read the label, giggle at some funny items and never shy away from asking the staff for assistance. Consider it like a normal shopping experience.

    Buy From A Reputable Brand

    Four big reasons why a sex toy from a reputable brand is always the best choice: appearance, function, safety and established trust. Although they may sometimes cost more than unbranded items, you can rest assured reputable brands have put their items through meticulous quality check and testing.

    According to the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health (CSPH.org), the following are some of the brands that produce sex toys made of body safe materials:

    • Aneros
    • Fun Factory
    • OhMiBod
    • Tantus
    • Vibratex
    • Vixen Creations
    • We-Vibe

    Research Body Safe Materials

    If you find that you’re still not getting answers, we definitely recommend you to step out of the store and do some research about sex toys you’re interested in purchasing. The internet and some organizations provide great sources to start with.

    Also, lots of people have found reputable companies that are well versed in adult toy safety and are determined to educate the public about them. As everyone would say, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

    Sharing Is Caring!

    With all these important tips, you can confidently visit an adult store and purchase the best body-safe product that fits perfectly to your needs. Now that you received a quick and simple guide in buying body-safe materials, it’s time to pass it forward so that your friends can also enjoy a pure and non-toxic adventure!