• Fun Factory Amorino Vibrator
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Fun Factory Amorino Vibrator

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Vendor: Fun Factory
Product Type: G-Spot Vibrators

The Fun Factory Amorino is a triple-action, 6-speed rabbit vibrator designed to stimulate the labia, clitoris and G-spot during play. 100% waterproof and nontoxic, it can also be safe to use anally.

The Fun Factory Amorino at a glance

  • Triple-action stimulation for clit, labia and G-spot
  • 6 speeds and patterns
  • Removable band for additional external stimulation
  • Curved shape designed to hit your G-spot
  • Ergonomically designed for ease of use
  • Lock function for buttons – perfect for travel
  • Safe for anal use and P-spot stimulation
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Body-safe, nontoxic silicone body
  • 100% waterproof and easy to clean

Triple-action stimulation rabbit vibrator

The Fun Factory Amorino is an incredibly versatile rabbit vibrator, designed to stimulate your labia, clit and G-spot during play. Use it with the removable band for external stimulation of your labia and clit, or without the band for internal G-spot stimulation. This unique vibrator can access the entire clitoral structure with extremely pleasurable results.

6 speed rabbit vibrator

The Amorino offers six different speeds and patterns, to suit a variety of tastes and preferences. These are easily adjustable using the simple touch controls, resulting in an almost infinite number of fun combinations.

Unique stimulation band

For increased external stimulation of the clit and labia, use the removable band. Twist it, wrap it or cross it to induce different pleasurable sensations each time. The band stimulates the Venus mound and vaginal lips when placed between the tip and the side bud of the Amorino. When using vaginally or anally, simply remove the band.

Curved edge for G-spot stimulation

The Amorino is anatomically designed to hit all the right spots. The gently curved tip is a perfect fit for hitting the G-spot, as well as the male G-spot (or P-spot) when used anally. The curved lower end of the vibrator is perfect for stimulating the anus or clit. The shape of the tip is perfect for labia stimulation, as well as vibrating the vaginal walls.

Ergonomically designed and easy to use

The Amorino is ergonomically designed to feel good in your hand. The control panel is perfectly placed to allow for easy operation no matter what position you’re in. The controls are incredibly intuitive, too, making it simple to switch between different speeds and patterns instantly.

The perfect travel vibrator

Going on holiday? Why not take the Amorino with you? The lock function will ensure it won’t switch on unexpectedly and its small (but perfectly formed) size makes it a good fit for any handbag.

Great for anal and P-spot stimulation, too

Fun Factory’s Amorino is safe for anal use and its curved ends are great for stimulating not just the clit and the labia, but also the anus and the P-spot. You can enjoy it as a prostate massager with amazing results. Just remember to remove the band before use.

Fast, easy USB recharging

No need to remember to buy batteries. The Amorino is charged by connecting a USB cable (included), making it good for both your pocket and the environment. While plugged in, the Amorino’s buttons will flash on and off until the device is fully charged.

Body-safe, hypoallergenic silicone body

Like all Fun Factory sex toys, the Amorino is made in Germany and is completely body-safe. It’s made out of medical-grade silicone and is nontoxic and non-porous.

100% waterproof vibrator for easy cleaning

The Amorino is perfect for taking into the bath or shower with you, as it’s completely waterproof. It’s also incredibly easy to clean using antibacterial soap and water, or any good sex toy cleaner.

As with all silicone sex toys, use only water-based lubes with your Amorino and avoid oil-based, perfumed and silicone lubes.

How to use the Fun Factory Amorino

You can use the Amorino with or without the band for external stimulation of the clitoris and labia. If using the band, place it between the tip and the side bud. The band can be placed either as is or crossed for slightly different sensations. Place the tip of the Amorino on your clit for direct stimulation. The Amorino can be used without the band if you prefer.

For vaginal use and stimulation of the G-spot, remove the band, lubricate the Amorino with a water-based lube and insert until tip fits against the G-spot.

For anal use, remove the band, lubricate as above and insert until the top end fits against the P-spot and the side bud rests against the anus.

Product specifications

  • Stimulation for clit, labia and G-spot
  • 6 speeds and patterns for endless, pleasurable combinations
  • Removable band for additional external stimulation
  • Curved ends designed to hit G-spot and stimulate the clit
  • Ergonomic design and intuitive controls
  • Lock function for buttons for discreet transport
  • Safe for use as a prostate massager
  • USB Rechargeable (cable included)
  • Body-safe, waterproof silicone body
  • Available in bright pink or petrol blue
  • Product dimensions: length, 6.9”; diameter 1.3”
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