• Bijoux Indiscrets Decal Eyemask
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Bijoux Indiscrets Decal Eyemask

Vendor: Bijoux Indiscrets
Product Type: Masks & Blindfolds
Anna Kristine Louise

When the sun goes down your other self is revealed. Enjoy a night of seduction among the shadows with Bijoux Indiscrets Decal Masks. These masks include sticky points that attach directly to the face. The reusable stickers can be adjusted for the perfect fit and the mask itself can easily be trimmed to achieve the perfect finish. Additional sticky dots are included so the mask can be worn several times.

- Anna's sweet appearance will make you lower your guard. When you least expect it, you will find yourself drawn into her world of seduction.

- Kristine anticipates your every move; she will give you what you need before you even know you want it.

- Louise is surrounded with an aura of mystery. You're just dying to find out her secrets.

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