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Why Us

We’re not your average U.S. based adult toy store. We get it, we get you! You’ve got a healthy need to explore sex and sex toy products in a discreet and approachable fashion, we’re here to serve you that. Making your indulgence, easier. Beyond Delights advocates for a healthy attitude towards sex play, self love and quality with our online sex store.

How We Started

Founders, David and Narine were both raised with strong cultural and religious backgrounds. They had to really step out and fight against their own insecurities of being so open with the subject matter of sex and sex toys. Just like them, a lot of others want to know and learn and are not comfortable with stepping up and admitting that. And that’s ok.

Beyond Delights started in 2016 because David had the passion for sex toys, researching them and learning all about their uses and materials. Narine jumped on board with a vision and said, “well, if we’re really going to make a difference, let’s create an environment where everyone can feel comfortable exploring sex, sexuality and educate them whole heartedly. We need to become the one stop shop where all the information anyone ever needs, they can find.”

We’re here to inspire you and help create lasting change for all who want to feel free in their own bodies, sexuality, and surroundings. We believe that in this world, people with passion can change the world for the better.

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What We Do

The core of what drives Beyond Delights is love.

Love for our bodies, love for our partners, love for the planet and most importantly love for ourselves. Our philosophy is that a health minded lifestyle begins with self-love. That is why we provide more than just toys, we offer education and support for anyone who is looking to make sexual wellness part of their overall health.

You can trust that the products we carry are made from non-harmful materials and that the companies who make them are devoted to responsible practices.

Because your safety and comfort is a huge priority, we put hours of research into each product, manufacturer, and educational article. We set a high standard with the goal to make you happy with your experience and your new pleasure products.

Your Input Matters

We are not just a store. We are part of a greater movement to remove the stigma from enjoying self-pleasuring tools and adult products. We fundamentally believe that play is a big part of a healthy sex-life and encourage curiosity, kinky fantasy, and having fun in bed or wherever your pleasure takes you!

We listen with open minds to the needs of our guests, paying close attention to what people are looking for, helping us improve the website and to assist everyone in finding new ways to improve their sexual wellness.

Feel free to explore our inventory, read our articles, and contact us with any questions. It’s our pleasure to help you enhance your sexual wellness and enjoy a happier, healthier and more open life.

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Our Core Values


We examine every item we sell to ensure it meets our strict quality standards. Only items that pass our list of qualifications are sold on the site. We research every product and are always on the look-out for new technologies and new inventions to enhance our customers' sexual experience.


All items are guaranteed to be a good choice for sexual exploration. We choose safe, effective, top-rated products that work. We protect our customers' interests and deliver on our promise.


Customer privacy is extremely important to us. We offer discreet shipping, ensure a generic name shows up on our customers' credit card statements and never sell or share personal details without consent.


We believe in bringing more openness to topics surrounding self-love, sexual health and the freedom to enhance sexual pleasure. We aim to create an environment where people are free to experiment, ask questions and learn.


We are passionate about providing our clients with a platform that will bring awareness and promote sexual wellness all over the world.


We stand out with class, have high standards for product selection and are dedicated to providing dependability, quality and a healthy, positive sexual culture.