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Aneros DeVice Prostate Massager


The Aneros DeVice is a classic prostate massager designed for hands-free male G-spot stimulation. With its seamless design and solid silicone body it can be operated using only the anal muscles.

The Aneros DeVice at a glance

  • Anatomically designed to directly stimulate P-spot and induce super-Os
  • Hands-free, handle-free and battery-free stimulation
  • Solid, smooth 100% silicone design
  • Made with body-safe, FDA approved materials
  • Non-porous and waterproof
  • Fast and easy cleaning
  • Suitable for both beginner and advanced users
  • Suitable for solo play, as well as couples
  • Can be worn as a butt plug
More Details
More Details

Anatomically designed prostate massager

The Aneros DeVice has been medically researched and anatomically designed by experts for perfect fit and unbelievable sensations. It features a bulbous head for directly stimulating the male G-spot (or “P-spot”), as well as a rippled shaft and a perineum tickler. Using simple anal Kegel exercises, you can produce a range of pleasurable sensations of varying levels of intensity. The DeVice is designed to be progressively rewarding, with each use building on previous experience and exploration to achieve stronger, more intense orgasms.

Hands-free, handle-free and battery-free male G-spot stimulation

The solid, self-pivoting Aneros DeVice is similar to the Aneros Vice, but is made of pure silicone, without the bullet vibrator of the latter. The handle-free design allows it to be operated hands-free, and makes it possible to sit on the Aneros Device, using nothing but the anal muscles to induce powerful orgasms.

100% Silicone male adult toy

The smooth, velvety silicone surface is a pleasure to handle and requires minimum lube for easy, comfortable insertion. The solid silicone core makes the DeVice stiffer than the Aneros Vice and perfect for enjoying while sitting, grinding, rocking or even walking around.

FDA approved materials for complete peace of mind

Like all Aneros sex toys, the Aneros DeVice is made out of medical grade, hypoallergenic silicone that’s FDA approved. This premium adult toy is not just fun to use – it’s completely body-safe and nontoxic.

Non-porous and waterproof materials

The non-porous, waterproof surface of the Aneros DeVice means you can also use it to have fun in the shower, the bath and pretty much anywhere else. It also makes it a breeze to clean (see below for further instructions).

Fast and easy to clean

You can clean the DeVice with any quality sex toy cleaner, or by using antibacterial soap and water. The Aneros DeVice is 100% waterproof, so it can be completely submerged in water.

Always use only water-based lube with the Aneros DeVice, as oil-based and perfumed lubricants can be harmful to silicone sex toys.

Unbelievable pleasure for both beginners and advanced users

The simplicity and unique design of the Aneros Device makes it the perfect prostate stimulation toy for just about anyone, regardless of whether or not you’ve used prostate massagers before. While wonderfully enjoyable from the first time you use it, the DeVice becomes even better with practice, allowing you to have stronger, more intense orgasms with each use. With time, your body will become more accustomed to the various sensations you can create with the DeVice, resulting in those famous super-O orgasms.

Solo and couple play male G-spot simulator

While perfect for enjoying on your own, the Aneros DeVice’s versatility means it can be worn comfortably in a wide range of sexual positions, which makes it great for use with a partner.

100% silicone butt plug

The anatomical design of the DeVice means it can be comfortably worn as a butt plug without any fear of it falling out or becoming loose on its own. It’s perfectly possible to wear it while walking around, using the anal muscles to control the sensations as you see fit.

How to use the Aneros DeVice

Lubricate the DeVice with some water-based lube and insert it slowly until the base rests against the perineum. Many men prefer to lie on their backs with their knees in the air, as that allows for easier maneuvering, especially while getting used to the toy. The DeVice is operated using Kegel anal contractions – clenching increases the sensation, while relaxing decreases the pressure. With a little bit of practice, it’s possible to use the self-pivoting body and rippled shaft to create a whole range of intensely pleasurable sensations.

Product specifications

  • Direct P-spot stimulation for intense orgasms
  • 100% body-safe, nontoxic medical grade silicone design
  • Hands-free, handle-free operation using anal Kegel exercises
  • Waterproof, non-porous design for fast and easy cleaning
  • Sleek, anatomical design in stylish black
  • Product dimensions: length, 4.9”; insertable length, 3.8”; width, 1.32”; weight, 8 oz.
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