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Aneros Eupho Syn Prostate Massager


The Aneros Eupho Syn is an effective, stylish prostate massager for couples and experienced solo users. It’s designed for intensely pleasurable direct P-spot stimulation using anal Kegel exercises.

The Aneros Eupho Syn at a glance

  • Velvet-touch silicone body with sturdy inner frame
  • Hands-free, battery-free operation using anal Kegel exercises
  • Perfect for couples
  • Bulbous head, curved just right to hit the P-spot
  • Perineum tickler for added stimulation
  • 100% body-safe, nontoxic and hypoallergenic
  • Fast and easy to clean

A pleasure to handle, tough where it counts

The Aneros Eupho Syn has a strong inner rod, wrapped in smooth, velvety silicone. The rigid inner frame gives the Eupho Syn the strength and sturdiness it needs to put just the right amount of pressure on the prostate, while the silicone layer makes it soft and pleasant to handle. The velvety texture means a minimal amount of lube is required to insert the Eupho Syn smoothly and comfortably.

Hands-free, battery-free prostate stimulation

The Eupho Syn can be operated hands-free, using the anal muscles to control the intensity of the pleasurable sensations. Once inserted, simply clench the muscles to increase the pressure and relax to ease the pressure and decrease the sensation. With continued practice, experienced users can achieve extremely intense orgasms and even reach those famous super-Os. Like all Aneros sex toys, the Eupho Syn is designed to get better which each repeated use.

A prostate massager that’s perfect for couples

You can use the Eupho Syn to achieve amazing orgasms alone, but why not try it with a partner for truly mind-blowing results? This stylish male G-spot stimulator is just as fun used as part of a shared experience as it is when flying solo.

Shaped just right for intense, direct P-spot stimulation

The Eupho Syn is anatomically designed to hit all the right places. The bulbous head and gently curved shape is perfect for fitting snugly against your P-spot for intense direct stimulation with amazing, extremely fun results. The slim shape makes it easy to insert and handle.

Designed for added stimulation

Apart from P-spot stimulation, the cleverly-designed Eupho Syn also comes with a perineum tickler –a little round appendage designed to put just the right amount of pressure for additional external stimulation.  We think it’s a particularly nice touch that makes the Eupho Syn experience even more fun.

100% Body-safe prostate massage toy

Like all Aneros sex toys, the Eupho Syn is made out of medical-grade silicone that’s body-safe, hypoallergenic and non-porous. It’s extremely durable and nontoxic, so you’ll be able to use it safely on your body or your partner’s body for years to come. The Eupho Syn is also waterproof, so it can be used in the bath or shower. In fact, you can submerge it in water without worrying about damaging it.

Fast, east cleaning

Like all silicone sex toys, the Eupho Syn is extremely easy to clean. Simply use water and an antibacterial soap to clean the toy after each use, or use a good quality sex toy cleaner. As with all sex toys, it’s recommended that you thoroughly clean it before using it for the first time. Although waterproof, the Eupho Syn’s inner frame makes it unsuitable for boiling.

Only water-based lubes are suitable for use with silicone sex toys. Avoid using oil-based or perfumed lubes as those can be harmful to the silicone layer.

Product Specifications

  • Velvet-touch silicone body with sturdy inner rod
  • Hands-free, battery-free operation using only anal muscles
  • Suitable for use with a partner
  • Bulbous head and curved shape for direct P-spot stimulation
  • Perineum tickler
  • 100% body-safe, nontoxic and hypoallergenic
  • Stylish black and red design
  • Product dimensions: shaft length, 4”; head width 0.75”; widest point 1”.
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