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Think Dirty and Beyond Delights Team Up

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Think Dirty and Beyond Delights Team Up

Think Dirty, Stay Clean

Featuring the We-Vibe Touch in "Think Dirty"

We’re on a Mission

Three years ago, we set off on a mission to promote safe sex toys and products after we saw that most sex store companies and manufacturers were pushing items that weren’t entirely safe to use. As we began to explore our own bodies and individual sexuality, we found that adult products were, and in many instances are still, made of toxic materials such as TPR, TPE, or Phthalates (the list goes on)--all these chemicals can breakdown and could potentially leach inside your body during use (read more here). To top it off, the sex toy industry isn’t regulated which means “TOO BAD” for those who are not aware!

What you don't know will harm you, and the sex toy industry takes advantage of its freedom to use whatever cheap, toxic chemicals are available and profit off of the risk they put you in.

It's a sick joke and we're trying to change that! We deserve better, YOU DESERVE better! We decided everyone needs to know better. Everyone needs to know which sex toys are safe and which to avoid.

For the last three years (and counting) we have spent many hours educating ourselves on the nefarious chemicals used in most products. We also found and support trustworthy toys and companies by promoting them to you.

We’ve curated a body-safe sex product list that allows you to explore all sorts of play, to be enjoyed b yourself or with your partner. As part of our selection process, we focus on understanding the materials and ingredients that go into each toy so you can think about how to use it without worry.

Who is Think Dirty?

Think Dirty is a mobile app that, with a quick search or barcode scan, informs users about potentially toxic ingredients in many common household products. Think Dirty pioneered the Dirty Meter, which is a scoring system that measures the safety of the 80,000+ items in their daily growing database. This score is produced by consolidating information from resources, such as government lists of prohibited chemicals, peer-reviewed journals, objective reports from non-profit health organizations', and regulatory agencies' guidelines.

When the Think Dirty team reached out to feature one of the trusted products on our website in their 2019 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide, we were excited to volunteer the We-Vibe Touch.

Why Think Dirty?

The Think Dirty Feature is special to us because their mission aligns with our values. Promoting safe, clean products and educating their customer base about potentially harmful products for the betterment of their own lives, is very dear to our hearts.

We decided to feature the We-Vibe Touch for Think Dirty’s 2019 Valentine's Day Gift Guide. Not only do we love its design, discretion, and functionality, but the Touch is also made from body-safe silicone. And you can take it along on business trips (hey...why shouldn’t you treat yourself while working hard?) Learn more here.

We are the first adult toy company to be featured in Think Dirty, and we think that this opportunity will help us help you support your sexual wellness. And for that, we are proud.

How can you benefit?

We know you care about what you put in your body, and every product should be researched thoroughly before you buy it. Beyond Delights promotes safe sex toys. The Think Dirty App rates nearly everything else you can buy. It’s a match made in heaven. We are delighted to introduce sex toys to their growing number of non-toxic products list. Again, check out their gift guide, check out their app. What are your thoughts? Which is your favorite product featured by Think Dirty? Let us know.

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