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Beyond Delights Review By TheNotice

Beyond Delights on
Beyond Delights Review By TheNotice

We join many events to mingle with seasoned entrepreneurs, small business startups, marketers, and bloggers. Apart from tons of seminars, workshops, and hangouts, we get the chance to run across many talented and remarkable people. It’s indeed a place to establish connections and find great minds who we can work jointly with.

Beyond Delights’ fateful meeting with Rae of theNotice, a Canadian blog about emancipated beauty, resulted to a fun and constructive collaboration. We came face to face with the beauty blogger at the Woodhull Sexual Freedoms Summit in August of 2017. After some discussion regarding the business, Rae and Beyond Delights agreed to put up a feature for her blog readers.

As a startup team, we are in search for the help of excellent individuals to promote our advocacy of “sexual positivity” and right to body-safe adult toy materials. Also, as lovers of diversity and of social liberation, we hope to meet with people who share the same views as we go along the way for a fruitful and harmonious partnership.

Rae’s blog highlights cosmetic items, some beauty products, and other “naughty” things, as described by her. With its unconstrained contents, Rae’s enlightened platform, theNotice, serves as a perfect channel for our liberating and flourishing brand. Moreover, her straightforward views nail every single truth about the subject of her articles. Definitely the kind of critique that we need for the opportunity to grow and blossom in this industry that we pursue.

And so, we decided to sponsor a feature, not to make a promotion, but to see what an independent and honest blogger would think about our products, and the way we handle things.

Bijoux Indiscrets Maze X-Harness And Suspender Belt

Bijoux Indiscrets, a maker of exuberant and sensual “passion products”, is one of our premier brands. The core of the brand revolves around LOVE, humanity’s source of both strength & vulnerability, and PASSION, the spirit that emanates from within. These two forces helped create unique accessories and cosmetics where romance and eroticism find each other and coexist.

We sent over a couple of pieces from Bijoux Indiscrets’ Maze collection for Rae’s blog post — a Maze X-Harness and a Maze Suspender Belt. These items were her top picks out of the many choices. Moreover, she used our items with her own style and posed for the camera.

Bijoux Indiscrets, a Barcelona-based brand, also offers skin jewelry, stick-on masks, and a line for scents and other cosmetics. Watch out for more reviews featuring Bijoux Indiscrets labels and other items from our wide array of deluxe brands.

This was Beyond Delights’ first joint project with a blogger and it taught us a good learning experience. We spotted many opportunities for improvement, and we’ll use it to avoid issues in our future collaborations and advocacy efforts. Although there were some challenges, we surely picked up something that we need to further expand this business.

With the help of photographer Sean Trayner, they took amazing shots of Rae with the enticing, vegan-friendly, cruelty free accessories from Bijoux Indiscrets. She did a great job with the suspender belt and X-harness from the Maze collection by pairing them with her cute outfits. By that time, we knew these pieces will look great not just with lingerie, but with other garments as well.

But of course, an experienced beauty blogger will always have something to say and that’s what we’ve been waiting and wanting to hear. We know our line will surely please a wide range of demographics, but every inch of detail an expert must point out is gold — essential and greatly appreciated.

We did our very best while working with Rae. And now, we get to hear her thoughts.

See Rae Chen of theNotice wearing Bijoux Indiscrets Maze X- Harness and Suspender Belt by Beyond Delights.

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